Talent policy
Based on the "people-oriented" strategic guiding ideology, the company aims to build a broad stage for exploring, absorbing, shaping and developing talents, and cultivate a spiritual home for the common growth of enterprises and talents. The company advocates "people-oriented" corporate culture atmosphere, regards employees as the most valuable wealth of the company, and is willing to absorb excellent and potential talents. The company pays attention to the re training of talents, supporting a full range of technical training and business training, to enhance the practical operation ability of employees at work. The company designs challenging career for employees and establishes fair and reasonable promotion mechanism. The company provides employees with competitive salary and various employee benefits. We welcome all talents who are interested in the development of this industry to participate in the construction and operation of the company, and jointly create a bright future for Henan Meikai's cause of in vitro diagnosis. Thank you very much for your attention to our job opportunities. After receiving your resume, we will contact you as soon as possible; if you don't get the information within one month, your resume will be stored in our talent pool, valid for six months. If there are other suitable positions, we will take the initiative to contact you, thank you!
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