Dong Shukui: Great epidemics must be cured. Carry forward the spirit of Bethune and be a tester in t

发表时间:2021-03-17 14:56

The sudden outbreak of the epidemic in 2020 disturbed people's lives, but also promoted the development of laboratory medicine and IVD industry. In a recent interview, Professor Dong Shukui also pointed out that the year 2020 has brought benefits. First, it highlighted the leadership ability of the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core to control major events. Second, it highlights the superiority of the socialist system in which the whole state system concentrates its power to accomplish major affairs. Third, it highlights the great spirit of the Chinese people and nation to fight the epidemic in a united, united and united manner. Four is to highlight the majority of medical staff at the critical moment to face the difficulties, the more dangerous the courage to move forward; Fifth, it highlights the Bethune's spirit of examinant, who, in the face of high-risk positions, is dedicated to benefit others without any interest in himself or herself, and strives for perfection and selfless dedication.

For the IVD field, the year 2020 is to promote the laboratory's ability to respond to the national outbreak of infectious diseases in emergency testing; Second, to promote the technical level and testing skills of inspectors; Third, it promotes the R&D and production capacity of molecular biological medical equipment and reagents for infectious diseases in IVD enterprises.

Dong Shukui professor, said the new technology and new trend and new mode of medical emergency, spawned many such as rapid detection COVID - 19 of the molecular biology of the virus POCT products, can be at the airport, railway stations, customs, intersection, fever clinics etc standalone application, also can realize machine joint inspection application laboratory even more big samples, this is not seen before. And the implications for the future are: one, increased capacity to deal with large-scale infectious diseases; Second, it has improved the capacity of reagents and consumables for dealing with large-scale infectious diseases. Third, it has improved the capacity of personnel reserve to deal with large-scale infectious diseases.

Professor Dong pointed out that research on major infectious diseases has led to new theories and technologies. It not only promotes the research and development and production of excellent domestic medical equipment and supporting reagent consumables, but also promotes the independent research and development ability of the IVD industry. Especially, from the continuous listing of many domestic IVD enterprises in the second half of 2020, they all seize the opportunity during the epidemic period and the overall level has also been improved.

The reasons behind all these show that everything has two sides. Although the outbreak of the epidemic is cruel, it also brings challenges and opportunities. There must be a cure for a pandemic, and the opportunity is only for those who are prepared. For example, the efforts and achievements made by some Chinese researchers have had a very positive impact on the research and development of the kit and the prevention of the virus, and these influences are not only a contribution to the country, but also to the whole world. Therefore, "opportunity is only for those who are prepared" refers not only to general medical workers, but also to front-line scientific research experts.

Professor Dong Shukui stressed that it is very important to sum up experience, especially such a rare epidemic that has brought many lessons to the world, the whole of China and the whole industry, so it is necessary to fix loopholes and strengthen weak links. As can be seen from the 14th Five-Year Plan, China is doing its best in this regard. As a professional academic organization, we should draw some lessons from it, that is, if the epidemic occurs again, we should do better than in 2020, and deal with it more freely and adequately. Regional testing center is an important part of national medical reform, but it is a pity that the development of regional testing center based on the county is slow. Sporadic outbreaks in China, especially this one in rural areas of Shijiazhuang, have largely highlighted the weakness, inadequacy or even gaps in grassroots testing capabilities. However, if there is a large network of regional testing centers covering counties and villages, it will be easier to organize large sample screening. This is the problem that we have at present, and the government and professional academic organizations should pay close attention to and focus on the construction.

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