Hepatitis C virus antibody detection reagents and other in vitro diagnostic industry standards were

发表时间:2021-03-26 16:35

Recently, the State Food and Drug Administration issued the "ophthalmic optical intraocular lens - Part 2: optical properties and test methods" and other 63 industry standards and 3 amendments. Among them, the infectious disease clinical laboratory tests and in vitro diagnostic system related fungal yeast antibacterial activity in vitro testing reference method (box), hepatitis c virus antibody detection reagent (chemiluminescence immunoassay), medical apparatus and instruments immunogenicity evaluation method in part 7: flow liquid multiple protein quantitative technology, medical mass spectrometer Part 1: liquid chromatography - mass spectrometry instrument, adenosine deaminase assay kits, antithrombin Ⅲ assay kits and other standards have been approved by, now be released. Standard number, name, scope of application and implementation date are shown in the following figure.


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