Blood Culture Bottle

Blood Culture Bottle


[Product name]

Common name: blood culture bottle

[Packaging Specifications]

20 bottles/case, divided into the following two models:

A) Biphasic blood culture bottle;

B) Anaerobic blood culture flask.

[Expected use]

Biphasic blood culture flask: used for the culture of aerobic bacteria or facultative anaerobic bacteria in blood or other specimens;

B) Anaerobic blood culture flask: used for the culture of anaerobe or facultative anaerobe in blood or other specimens.

[Storage conditions and expiry date]

2℃~25℃, stored away from light, valid for 18 months.


1. The blood culture flask is only used for in vitro diagnosis.

2. The blood culture flask has been added with blood anticoagulant, and there is no need to add another one.

3. The collected specimens must be inoculated as soon as possible to ensure the accuracy of the results.

4. Specimens and culture wastes used shall be regarded as potentially infectious materials and shall be disposed of in accordance with infectious disease laboratory practices.

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